Therapy dogs make a paws-itive impact in our communities!
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About Jahmila

Why am I Paw-ticipating?

I recently lost my favorite and closest cousin. He had been battling his illness for a while and was in and out of different hospital facilities. He was a very big dog lover and one of his favorite rehabilitation hospitals had regular therapy dog visits that he loved. The last facility he was in before passing away did not have any therapy dog teams visit. My cousin would tell me how he missed his dog and I know that having the chance to interact with ANY dog would have brightened his days. 

I am paw-ticipating in the 2018 PUP Strut to help raise $20,000 because this past year many of their Canine Assisted Therapy (CAT) dogs have passed over the Rainbow Bridge. So, this year, CAT needs to evaluate and certify 25 new pet therapy teams to fill the legacies of the paws they lost in addition to continue to grow to fill the community needs, which will enhance lives.

It's important to me to help raise money and awareness so that therapy dogs can bring love and happiness to as many individuals as possible! 

How can you help CAT?
•    Make a donation to help me reach my fundraising goal to support CAT
•    Join me on event day and Strut Your Pup or start your own Canine Crew
•    Let people know about the amazing CAT dog therapy teams improving lives everyday

What is CAT?

CAT is a 501(c)3 human service organization that was established in 2009 when the co-founders saw an unmet need in the community to provide safe, effective and quality pet therapy for animals and humans.

CAT serves more than 300,000 individuals annually including:

  • Children with special needs, struggling with literacy skills, testifying in court, coping with bereavement and residing in child welfare facilities
  • Veterans in nursing homes, VA hospitals and PTSD counseling sessions
  • Women and Youth in shelters and welfare facilities
  • Seniors isolated in nursing homes and dementia care centers
  • Patients (pediatric and adult) in hospitals and under hospice care
  • College Students stressed during exam periods