Create a Canine Crew!

Encourage your friends, families, and coworkers to join your team and raise funds for the 2018 Pup Strut to benefit Canine Assisted Therapy. Start a competition with your friends or other canine crews. 

Personal Pages

Each paw-ticipant gets their own personal fundraising page. Be sure to include pictures of your four legged friends and include stories about why this is important to you.

Sending emails from your personal fundraising page makes it easy to raise awareness and funds for your team.


Remember submit your forms if your employer matches charitable contributions. Ask your employer to help you raise money by having “dress down” days. Or ask them to become a sponsor of this event.

Remember Therapy Dogs Provide Comfort to All

Almost everyone knows a person that can benefit by the unconditional love of a therapy dog, so don’t be afraid to ask people to help you meet your fundraising goal.

Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Let your friends know you’re raising money for the 2018 Pup Strut to benefit Canine Assisted Therapy and ask them to donate.

Get Strutting…and Raise $300 in 4 Weeks or less!

  •      $30 ‐ Tell 3 neighbors about your webpage and ask them to contribute $10
  •      $40 ‐ Send emails or ask 2 family members and relatives to sponsor you at $20
  •      $75 ‐ Ask 3 co‐workers to sponsor you for $25—and ask your boss or HR about your company’s matching program!
  •      $75‐ Ask 3 businesses you frequent for a donation of $25
  •      $80– Email everyone. Let them know what you’ve accomplished so far, and ask them to help you reach your goal! (Receive 5 more donations of $15!)

Ask friends and family to help you raise pledges—grow your circle of support as big as you can!

Ask for support from all the businesses you have supported over the years– your dentist, dry cleaners, Insurance agents, hair stylists, veterinarians, doctors, etc.

Host events and put the proceeds towards your goal—car wash, dog wash, bake sales, wine tastings, be as creative as you want!

Strutter Tips & Tools

Easy Steps to Fundraise

  • Use the many tools available to help you meet your fundraising goal!
  • Edit your personal webpage: add your own images and update the text that will appear on your page.
    **Pages that are personalized receive an average of 3 times more donations!**
  • Kick start your fundraising: Click the Email tab to send emails to your friends, family, co-workers. This is the #1 way to meet your goal! 954-990-5175